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    What is synesthesia?

    Thomas J. Palmeri, Randolph B. Blake and René Marois of the psychology department and the Center for Integrative and Cognitive Neuroscience at Vanderbilt University study synesthesia. They provide the following explanation:


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  • Son of a bitch I had to publicize this somehow and I can’t do it on facebook from my phone. Best. Day. Ever. And check out that dapper gent to my right. Bitches be jealous.

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  • thedailybeard:


    Tush teaser

    mmhh colourful beard


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  • Tattoos by Vince

  • Gharial. Me. Field Museum.

  • Zebraaassss. Me. Field Museum. An they werent all the same species of zebra either.

  • Horse of a different color. Me. Field Museum.

  • Diorama. Me. Field Museum.

  • Gorgeous. Me. Field Museum.

  • Gharial…awesome. Me. Field Museum.